What are Google Sitelinks?

The existence of Google Sitelinks in the search results of the world's largest search engine, Google, is already very popular and makes the results of organic traffic visits a site can increase dramatically.

The reason is, Sitelinks are sometimes assumed to be a good and successful SEO optimization result on a blog. And in fact, these sitelinks are auto-generating, which means, Google creates an automatic algorithm for their results/occurrence, so we can barely create them manually. Google keeps its algorithm secret, so we don't really know how we should optimize our site to get those sitelinks. So 
what is Google Sitelinks?

Introducing Google Sitelinks

Sitelinks aim to help users to easily navigate a site to multiple searched pages. The appearance of sitelinks is intended to facilitate the search for information to the sub-pages of a site. In the end, these sitelinks are prioritized for the user.

Clearly sitelinks is a collection of links that are divided into two columns located below the main page in the results of a search. To put it simply, here's what sitelinks mean:

As seen in the image above, the Google search engine shows the main page and subpages of the famous web: ShoutMeLoud . The Main Page in question is the title of the ShoutMeLoud and its description. While sitelinks are certain pages that are divided into two columns which are below the main page itself. In the picture, ShoutMeLoud produces 6 subpages, in other words 6 sitelinks that direct you to certain pages that are important to Google's algorithm, so that we as users will find it easier to open certain pages to find information.

Incidentally, it turns out that also has sitelinks. So far, I've been trying to get those sitelinks even though there's no sure way to get them because Google uses a secret algorithm without telling how to get sitelinks to appear. Google makes it automatically, not like creating Google Authorship which has been shut down by Google itself. 

I've actually spent quite some time studying how these sitelinks work. From various sources that I read, the emergence of sitelinks is actually proof of how successful a webmaster is in optimizing on-page SEO on his blog.

In addition, the on-page structure on a site must be clarified. Navigation is the most important thing because Google itself recommends that a site has a good menu navigation so that visitors can easily access the pages in it to make it more accessible, so that visitors can easily find something they are looking for.

Are Google Sitelinks Really Important for a Blog to Have?

In simple terms, Google Sitelinks is certainly important for a blog to have. As I said before, Google Sitelinks is one proof of the success of a webmaster in optimizing his site.

Google explains that sitelinks are important because it helps users to easily navigate certain pages of a site directly from search results. Furthermore, of course this will save the user's time and make it easier for him to find what information he is looking for quickly directly from the search engine without having to go to your site first. In essence, sitelinks provide the best results from a search in a relatively short time.

Also, if you have a brand, sitelinks are of course important. Not all sites indexed on Google have sitelinks, and we happen to be unable to create them manually. Google automatically presents sitelinks in search results against certain sites. And in this case, having sitelinks is of course a distinct advantage of the search results.

Another important thing, sitelinks can have the following effects:
  • Help build a reputation for a brand.
  • Increase visitor/user trust in a site/brand
  • Covers a wider SERP
  • Increase click-through-rate (CTR)
  • Increase the strength of internal links/pages

So How To Make Google Sitelinks For My Site?

As I said earlier, Google Sitelinks is not something that can be created manually. The Google team that automatically assigns it against certain sites in search results. And officially, Google doesn't tell us how sitelinks can be created.

From my experience, presenting sitelinks is a difficult matter. It took me a long time and research, and even then I found it by accident when I wanted to change the description of this site and wanted to see if it had changed in the search results or not. And it turns out that the sitelinks for appear. Confusingly, when I tested in another browser, the sitelinks for didn't show up. Initially I used Firefox to view it. In Firefox the sitelinks appear, but in Chrome it doesn't. I'm also quite confused about this.

From my research and experience, here are the things I do on the blog:
  • Create important pages that are 'always' on a site, such as About, Privacy Policy, Contact Me, and make clear descriptions of each of these pages.
  • Arrange the pages in a neatly organized navigation. At, I separate the page menu by category in terms of placement in the navigation. This will certainly distinguish how visitors to this blog access certain pages and certain categories from a clear menu navigation arrangement.
  • Make the navigation menus on your site appear both on the homepage and on other pages, such as in posts and other pages.
  • Also make sure you delete the pages that are reported as 404 errors not found. Check the webmaster tools account for your blog and remove any problematic URLs.
  • Make sure Robot.txt doesn't block important pages on your site.
  • Otherwise, simplify the hierarchy or structure of the pages on your site.
For now, those are some of the things I did before the sitelinks appeared for this site. From several sources that I read, here are some tips to bring up Google Sitelinks:
  • Use a unique brand
  • Create a good and clear structure
  • Create an xml sitemap
  • Create quality content that matters to users
  • Connect related articles on your blog, in addition to related posts, you can use internal links which are also important to lower the bounce rate.
  • Sitelinks are one of the results of SEO techniques, and understand the basics of SEO before struggling hard to get them.
Google Sitelinks is something that is quite valuable for webmasters, especially for a brand. Sitelinks actually influence visitors to click on the results of a site that appears, just like the presence of the Google Authorship feature, a feature that is now turned off by Google itself. I think that Google Sitelinks are essential for a site to exist, and do you have them too?

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