What is a Niche Blog?

For webmasters or bloggers, the term niche blog or niche website may be familiar and already understand the intent and purpose. But for some newbies or people who have just entered the world of blogging, the term niche feels foreign and does not understand. Even if you are looking for a translation of the word "niche" in the English-Indonesian dictionary, you may still be confused because the meaning is different.

Many bloggers interpret "niche" as the same as a topic, which means "blog niche" is the same as "blog topic" which is the subject of the entire article on the blog. For example, in the health blog niche, all articles cover discussion topics related to health. Is that true what is meant by a niche blog or niche website? What is a Niche Blog?

Definition of Niche

The word “niche” (English) is translated into Indonesian as “ceruk”. The meaning of the word niche according to the KBBI is: 1 niche that goes into the wall (wall, soil, and so on); grooves, holes; 2 stopes (in mines); 3 caves (on the mountain); 4 checkered spaces (in cupboards and so on); 5 corners (corners) in the kitchen (room, house, and so on); 6 grooves (on the deck of the ship and so on); 7 cavities (between in piles of goods and so on); 8 scoops; cove; 9 street corners; small roads (intersections and so on);

From the language point of view, the notion of niche (English) and niche (Indonesian) is not related to the topic problem (subject or discussion). So, is the blog niche the same as the blog topic? It should be a niche blog or niche site (according to the translation) which means a site/blog that has a niche.

However, the notion of niche in English has several meanings other than a niche or niche, namely: a place or position that is suitable or appropriate for a person or thing; different segments of a market; and (adjective) Having a special charm.

Thus, if interpreted according to English, the notion of a niche website or niche blog is a website/blog that focuses on specific information that is both useful and interesting for the audience.

Thus, the notion of a niche blog is a website or blog that focuses on specific information that is useful and interesting for its visitors.

Is it wrong to interpret a blog niche as a blog topic?

No, because there is no standard definition (in English) to explain the meaning of niche blog. That there is a niche product (a product that is made and marketed for use in a small and specialized but profitable market) and niche market (a demand for a very specialized product or commodity)

could, niche blogs that are topics (subject) a blogs. However, the topic is only part of the niche, namely specific information, not yet focused on visitors, which is useful and interesting.

How about a niche on a blog or site?

If you want to say that a blog has a niche, there are several parts that must be fulfilled, namely: specific, informational, useful and interesting. Thus, it is hoped that it will create trust for viewers to come back to the site again.

Specific in a niche context means something that focuses on a specific problem and well-defined subject.

Information in the context of a Niche Site means actual content that addresses a specific subject. This content can be videos, article pages, infographics, podcasts, or other means of conveying knowledge about that specific subject. If you don't have specific Information to offer, chances are people won't stay long on the site and no organic visitors from search engines.

Usefulin the context of Niche means the quality of Information has been placed on the site. Maybe the site has a lot of information, but if the information is not useful, readers or visitors will not be interested in staying on the site.

Attractive in the context of Niche Websites means the ability to keep visitors on the site. While Your Information may be Useful, it alone is not going to keep readers from staying unless it is of interest.

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