How to Apply your Site to Google News?

The need for information is increasing in today's digital era. Internet users need access to actual and credible information.

 The need for information is increasing in today's digital era. Internet users need access to actual and credible information. To meet this need, Google presents the Google News service.

This quite popular service is very useful not only for readers but also website owners. If you want your blog to appear on the Google News news page, first know how to register for Google News properly. Our article this time will explore it in full! 


How to Apply your site to Google News?
How to Apply your site to Google News?


Google News: What Is It?

As the name suggests, Google News is a Google service that focuses on providing news content from various websites around the world, including in India. 

How to Apply your site to Google News? - SpiderBlogging

Its attractive and intuitive appearance makes it easy for readers to access various news either through computers or mobile phones. Interestingly, this service can be enjoyed for free. No wonder more than one million users on Google Play have already downloaded Google News.

Users are not required to log in to enjoy this service. However, if you use a Google account during access, you will be treated to personalized content . That is, the news that appears will be according to your liking.

True, one of the advantages of Google News over other platforms is that it is easy for users to get news by Topic , Location , or News source .

For blog owners, being able to get a place on Google News is an advantage. Imagine, the number of visits to Google News in one month could reach 494 million worldwide. So, if you are able to utilize this platform properly, the impact will be very positive for your blog.

You certainly don't think Google News is only for popular online media, right? Absolutely correct. Ordinary news blogs can also sign up for Google News. This means that your news content can also make headlines if it is interesting and worthy of publication.
Benefits of Registering Google News

Google News offers a variety of benefits to blog owners when they become part of the service.

What are the benefits? Let's peel them one by one.

1. Easier to Get to the First Page of Search Engines

If you have unique and quality news content, Google News doesn't hesitate to put it on the list Top News . With this condition, Google will certainly consider your website also worthy of being in the top position of the search engine. For example, when we type “Times of India” on Google, news from TOC also appears there. 

How to Apply your site to Google News? - SpiderBlogging

As you know, getting to the top position is not easy. You must continue to do search engine optimization or SEO . However, by making the most of Google News, Google's top position is not impossible. 

2. Increasing Number of Visitors

The easier it is for your content to be found, the more likely it is that your blog will be visited. Not only that, your blog visitors can certainly come from traffic quality .

Why is that so? The feature personalized content plays a big role in this. Users who visit your blog will be happy that your topic is relevant to what they need.

3. As an Effective Branding Media

If your blog offers great content, the impact will be very positive. Besides visitors will often come to your blog again, you will be considered an expert in the field. This will help you build a brand for your website.

For example, Gadget360  is a website that focuses on technology news. All kinds of tech news from startups reviews, desktop and mobile apps, to annual tech events are well featured.

4. Chance To Get Many Backlinks

A backlink is a link on a website that points to another website. As a blogger, you certainly understand that the role of backlinks in boosting the credibility of your blog is very large.

When your content is recommended by Google News, your content will become an updated reference on a topic. If other bloggers need supporting references, of course they will use trusted sources. It could be that the source is your blog content.

The more backlinks you get, the more trusted your blog will be.

5. No need to spend on advertising

Using ads to promote a blog is a natural thing. However, if you can get the same results for free, that's even better.

Google News has the potential to bring organic traffic to your blog. Organic traffic is visits that come from search engines and you don't have to spend a penny on this.

Terms of Signing up for Google News

In order to get all the benefits of Google News, you need to join the service first. In general, you only need to do two things: register your blog and meet the predetermined criteria . Pretty easy, right?

Before we move on to how to register a blog to Google News, let's learn the requirements first. 

1. Create a News Blog or a Normal Blog

Having news content alone is not enough, you have to create a news blog. This will be very helpful when intending to register it for Google News.

Keep in mind, the selection process after you register is done manually by Google. They will make sure your blog lives up to the purpose of their service: providing the latest and most important news .

So, if your goal is to get a place on Google News, list your blog with news content, whatever the niche or type of news that is your main topic.

Don't worry just yet. Creating a blog is not that difficult. Just Like a normal website like TechnoAshwath

2. Create Quality Content

Having quality content is the key to top search engine rankings. The same conditions apply to the Google News service. What is meant by quality content?

Don't Plagiarize Other People's Content

Always create your own content. Having unique content is the key to the success of a blog. You can do your own research about a story you want to write about. While you may occasionally publish news from other parties, be sure to always write in your own style. Thus, Google News will consider your content as new news content.

Focus on One Type of News or Topic

Apart from not mixing with other content, your blog should only cover one type of news. For example, about technology news or gadgets . This will make it easier for visitors to understand the blog. In addition, Google News will easily categorize your blog. Even if you are able to produce in-depth news , the chances of making headlines increase.

Always updated

News blogs require you to publish content every day. This is certainly in accordance with the characteristics of the news which even demands the publication of more than one topic every day and is always updated.

If you find it difficult to do it alone, you can use multiple authors to create different articles to be published on the same day. This is what other news websites often do, at least as a first step when signing up for Google News.

Not Prohibited Content

Having unique content doesn't mean you can write news on any topic. Google News itself has determined that news content that displays violent, hateful and sexual content or content related to copyright infringement is strictly prohibited.

If your blog is related to such content, Google News will refuse your registration.

3. Pay attention to the structure of your blog

Regarding the technical factors of your website, Google News will receive your blog registration faster if you follow the following conditions:

Use Unique and Immutable URLs

Google News clearly states that if your URL content is constantly changing, your blog will not be included in Google News. The reason is that the Google crawl engine in charge of detecting news content cannot work well in these conditions.

Present an Attractive and Responsive Display

Having an attractive blog display both on desktop and mobile is very important. Google News prioritizes blogs that meet these criteria in order to increase user convenience.

However, keep in mind that your blog should not use too many effects with JavaScript . As guidelines Google provides , blogs with simple programming code are preferred.

Use Easy Navigation

This is very important part of your website, for approval of AdSense also User easy navigation

If your blog has multiple main pages, making sure to switch from one page to another is easy to do. Navigation on your blog is one of the factors in the selection/curation process on Google News.

4. Explain Your Blog Identity Well

Your blog information is very important for the verification stage. Before starting registration, make sure your blog writing is appropriate. In addition, your About Page should be able to explain the identity of your blog well.

Furthermore, if you use multiple contributors or news content writers on your blog, their profiles should be clearly stated. Not only their names, you can display their photos and a glimpse of their professional background.

Google News gives you the opportunity to make corrections if there are spelling errors once registered. However, getting it right from the start is a wise move. 

How to Apply your Site to Google News?

After you have fulfilled some of the conditions above, the next step is to register for Google News.

Here's how to register for Google News:

Step 1. Sign in with Google Account

Please go to this page and login using your Google account.

Step 2. Website Ownership Verification

If you have never verified ownership of your website before, you will be asked to do so first using Google Search Console . You can find the complete guide at the following link . Keep in mind , since Google News has its own crawler engine, make sure you add your news blog sitemap xml as well. The goal is to make Google News always updated on changes that occur on your blog.

Step 3. Go to Google News Publisher Center

You will see a screen like the one below if you are going to register for Google News for the first time. there you will see a option to Add Publication, Click on That Option

How to Apply your Site to Google News?

Step 4. Adding your Blog to Publication

As shown on above image fill your blog details and click on Add Publication. 

Step  5. Filling your Blog Details 

How to Apply your Site to Google News?

Here Click on Publication Settings

How to Apply your Site to Google News?

General Information

    About your site : Detailed information about the news blog you registered 

Site Information

    Source URL : The address of your news blog.
    Source Name : The name of your blog.
    Site Language : the language used in your blog and news content. Remember, Google News does not allow the use of more than one language.
    City, State/Province and Region : Your full address. 

Step 6. Adding Your Blog Content to Google News

After filling and Submitting Basic Info click on Google News tab which will appear on your screen

Click on Edit

How to Apply your Site to Google News?

As stated in Step 5 Fill the Details about your Blog

Step 7. Create Sections (Category)

Here you need to add your site content to show up in google news Click On New Section > Choose Feed > Put Section Title as Latest Updates > Put your site RSS Feed Link > Click on Add .

It will automatically load articles from the RSS Feed . It takes 30 Min Max to update.

Step 8 . Reviewing your Publication

How to Apply Site to Google News?

As you can see in above image There are some sections which should be reviewed, Click on those review option and fill the missing values.

After That Click On Save. 

If you have filled all the details correctly you will see a card like below

The next process is in the form of a review that will be carried out by the Google team for one to three weeks . As long as all the conditions according to this stage will run well.

The Knot

That's how to list Google News for your blog. Easy, right? You only need to meet the necessary conditions to join. Next, proceed with registration and fill in some of the information that Google requires.

If your blog's news content is successfully displayed on Google News, the opportunity to occupy the top position in search engines is wide open. In addition, increasing the number of visitors to your blog is just a matter of time. And last but not least, you can build a good brand image for your blog with long-term goals.