Top 9 Recommended WordPress Migration Plugins

 For WordPress users, migrating a WordPress website from a previous provider to a new provider is a challenging and confusing process.

Since WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for bloggers and those looking to create a website, many people want to migrate their website to this platform because it is easy to use and has great functionality.

Although there are lots of free and paid WordPress migration plugins that can help website owners in the migration process, there are some owners who have difficulty choosing a trusted and safe plugin service. Therefore, here are some recommended plugins for WordPress migration from Exabytes that you can take a look at! 

Top 9 Recommended WordPress Migration Plugins
Top 9 Recommended WordPress Migration Plugins

What is a Plugin?

A plugin is a piece of software that contains a group of functions that can be added to a WordPress website. Plugins are usually used to add new functionality or features to a WordPress website.

Plugin WordPress

As mentioned earlier, WordPress plugins are applications that allow your website to add new features and certain functions to your WordPress website, thereby adding dynamics to your website.

The WordPress plugin is built with the PHP Programming language and integrates seamlessly with WordPress. So, plugins make it easy for users to add features to the website even if you don't know anything about coding.

Every WordPress plugin installed on the website will be listed in the website database and you can display it or turn it off as you like. There are lots of plugins that you can download for your website and they have a variety of uses. For example, there are plugins that can help with website SEO, boost performance, or create social media buttons. There are also plugins that create a side bar, or comment feature.

Migration plugin

Among the various plugins, there is also a migration plugin that has a function to help WordPress websites migrate from one provider to another. So, the plugin will help in downloading and transferring all the files listed on your website. For example, media files, themes, or user databases.

Without using the migration plugin, you will have difficulty cloning your website because of the difficulty in creating the same skills and functions as before. The best WordPress migrations usually offer a great interface, one-click migration buttons, and tools that allow you to back up data and move files.

WordPress Migration

After knowing what a WordPress plugin is and also a WordPress migration plugin, what is this WordPress migration? And why do website owners do it?

In essence, WordPress migration is the process by which a WordPress website is moved from its previous hosting to a new hosting for various reasons. One of the reasons for migrating WordPress is because maybe the website owner has found that you are too big for the host or maybe the previous hosting customer support was not satisfactory.

Whatever the reason, there will definitely be times when you have to use another hosting server. But If you choose hosting like HostingSpell They will do the migration free for you within minutes.

Top 9 Recommended WordPress Migration Plugins

Here are 9 recommended WordPress migration plugins that you can consider for a WordPress migration


The First WordPress migration plugin is UpdraftPlus . UpdraftPlus is often used as a backup tool, but this plugin has more capabilities because it can simplify all processes. For example, this plugin only requires a one-click block to backup all files on the website. After that the restoration can be done on the same site or wherever you want. All can be done with one button.  

This plugin often attracts the attention of WordPress website owners because it can complete backups with cloud storage services such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

However, to access the migration tool to move websites, you have to pay for the premium version first. Also, to access the migration, you must first install WordPress on the new server destination.

All-In-One WP Migration   

All-In-One WP Migration is a popular WordPress migration plugin and is often used by website owners because it has quite comprehensive features. However, unlike the migration plugins on this list, All-In-One WP Migration is not a backup plugin and is specifically for migrating WordPress websites. 
This WordPress migration plugin has been tested and can support various WordPress hosting providers, operating systems, PHP versions and many more. Then, this All-in-One WP Migration can support older WordPress versions up to version 3.3. Furthermore, this plugin can bypass the host file size by importing data piecemeal.

However, the free version of this WordPress migration plugin has a size limit for imports, which is 512MB, and above that requires you to pay. Then, this plugin also requires you to manually install WordPress in a new location. 


Duplicator This is one of the WordPress migration plugins that has more than 20 million downloads. Unlike All-In-One WP migration, Duplicator can help WordPress users to migrate, copy, move, or clone sites from one previous location to the next and also offers a simple backup utility .

Apart from that, Duplicator only has a few steps to move all files to the new hosting. Then, this WordPress migration plugin only requires one click to select the file or item you want to download and download, so it will be very suitable for those of you who are looking for a plugin that is safe and fast and not complicated.

Furthermore, this Duplicator has two versions; free and premium and both are very useful to help with migration at certain levels.


BackupBuddy is one of the migration plugins that already has loyal customers because it has been around since 2010. This WordPress Migration Plugin features automatic backup, restoration, and scheduled migration in one particular package.

That way, you can choose a schedule for backups, what is backed up, and where the storage location is independently. Then, BackupBuddy can also transfer your website using a complete WordPress backup.

However, this migration plugin does not support multisite in WordPress and its restoration and migration features will be a little difficult for beginners.

Migration Guru

Migration Guru is a WordPress migration plugin founded by Blog Vault, one of the most popular solutions for WordPress backups. Migration Guru offers “one-clicl integration” so as to speed up website migration from one hosting to the next.

Then, one of the advantages of Migration Guru is that it can simplify migration even if your website has a large multisite network, for example, a website with 200GB is not a problem with Migrate Guru. And even better, Migration Guru doesn't charge a fee, you know, so it's free to use.

However, this WordPress migration plugin does not support localhost to have a live website or localhost transfers.

WP Migrate DB

WP Migrate D B is a WordPress migration plugin that can make database export and migration fast, easy, and easy. This is because each migration only goes through three steps, namely; (1) find and replace the desired data in the WP Migrate DB interface, (2) export SQL, and (3) import to a new database using a tool like phpMyAdmin.
Therefore, this feature is very suitable for website developers. Then, this WordPress migration plugin can backup your existing data in the database before replacing it with a new one.

However, unfortunately, this WordPress plugin requires you to pay when you want to complete the migration and you will need some paid add-ons.


JetPack seventh is the WordPress migration plugin which is a massive website plugin and also has a backup feature. The feature is called VaultPress which was previously sold as a different product. But now, VaultPress is included in JetPack Backup and can restore your WordPress website and move it to a new hosting server.

This JetPack plugin offers easy backup and restore for WordPress in a new location due to its one-click feature. Then, the plugin also has a security feature so that website backups will run smoothly. In addition, all data is stored in cloud storage so you don't have to manually re-download backups while migrating.

However, the set-up process might be a bit difficult for beginners and requires you to have two different plugins; JetPack and WordPress accounts.

Backup Guard

Backup Guard is a complete WordPress backup and migration plugin. The plugin offers the easiest way to restore, backup and migrate a WordPress website. Not only that, Backup Guard has a feature set and a minimalist interface that can attract many users. 

Backup Guar has two offerings; free and paid plugins. The free one allows you to backup files, restore sites and download them to Dropbox and several other locations. Then if you upgrade to the premium version, you can use the migration feature. The premium version is in RP. 145,000.00 per month.

Although paid, the features offered are numerous and can cover the cost. For example, you can use unlimited backups, restorations, and sites. Then you can also migrate how much and can schedule time for backups.

WP Clone

WP Clone is a great WordPress migration plugin for cloning and migrating WordPress websites from one site to the next domain or hosting server. With WP clone, you can also create backups for websites. 

Then, this migration plugin doesn't require you to access FTP to perform backups, migrations, or cloning. Furthermore, because WP Clone doesn't restore the WordPress file system, it reduces the time for migration and thus increases security for the website. Finally, WP Clone also performs backups via the previous http connection host so it won't take time to upload large backup files and make migration easier. 

The Knot

Thus, here are 9 recommendations for trusted and safe WordPress migration plugins to use as plugins for migrating your WordPress website from your previous hosting to your new hosting. Each plugin listed has different capabilities and covers a different range. So, make sure you choose the one that fits the needs and status of your current WordPress website.