Invalid Click Protector For Adsense | Anti Click Bomb For Blogger | SpiderBlogging

 Hello Guys Today in this post I came with new Script in which you can protect your Adsense account from Invalid Clicks. Now Days many people facing issues from invalid clicks , and some of them got banned also, So Today I am sharing the script which is made by Arlina.

Invalid Click Protector For Adsense | Anti Click Bomb For Blogger | SpiderBlogging
Invalid Click Protector For Adsense | Anti Click Bomb For Blogger | SpiderBlogging

What is Invalid Adsense Click ?

Invalid AdSense clicks are any clicks to your ads that occur from invalid traffic. What does Google consider invalid traffic? Clicks or impressions from website owners clicking their ads. Repeated ad clicks or impressions from one or more users. Website owners who are manipulating users to accidentally click their ads.

What happens if Invalid Clicks comes on your Ads?

Google has its advanced algorithm to detect and stop Invalid clicks which means they won't get counted. As of detection will be done by Bots, Most of time it can will be bypassed If it crosses the limits google will take action on your account. 

Invalid Click Occurrence 

1. Annoyed by ads

Excessive advertising to floating ads that cover content (articles) is a factor that often causes ad click bombs. This click bomb (click fraud) can be intentional or unintentional (fad).

2. Don't know which ad is which content

The second is because blog visitors don't know about AdSense ads, this is made worse by blogs that have a lot of ads. Visitors like this will find it difficult to distinguish between content and advertisements so that they click randomly and become click bombs, invalid clicks, or click invalid ads. Usually this click fraud occurs due to accident / misunderstanding / ignorance.

3. Don't like the blog (understand AdSense)

Finally, the occurrence of a click bomb because of those who don't like your blog. The reasons can be many, including:

  • Visitors didn't find the solution they were looking for
  • Someone who doesn't like blogs (personal)
  • Envy (probably)

At this point, click bombing (click fraud) usually occurs because of an element of purpose and with a specific purpose.

The 3 causes of the AdSense ad click bombing above need to be anticipated, create a comfortable and friendly blog for readers and visitors. Even so, there are many other reasons behind the occurrence of ad click bombs. 

Prevent Invalid Click

There are several things and tips that can be done to ward off and overcome the AdSense ad click bomb on the blog. The following 3 tips can be a reference to avoid bomb clicks on AdSense ads on blogs.

1. Don't share your site urls in groups

It's very important, avoid sharing blog links in blog groups, bloggers, or AdSense groups. In these groups, usually people who are members already know about the world of blogs and AdSense, and of course they already have a blog. Usually, a blog address known to group members will be a reference, an example, or a rival (because the blog topic is the same).

2. Create quality unique blog content

Create more quality content to fill your blog, let visitors find your blog through search engines. Organic visitors will appreciate your blog's content more without taking ad click bombing actions, this will be different if you share it on social media or into groups.

3. Uninstall AdSense ad units

If you find an invalid (valid) ad click on the AdSense report page, immediately remove the AdSense ad unit installed on the blog. You can see a full report on invalid clicks (invalid clicks) and more on the AdSense dashboard.  I suggest you install only auto ads.

Tutorial to Install the Scripts on your Blog

  • Login to your Blogger Account
  • Go to themes section 
  • Click On Edit HTML
  • Find </head> and Paste Below code

function downloadJSAtOnload(){var e=document.createElement("script");e.src="",document.body.appendChild(e)}window.addEventListener?window.addEventListener("load",downloadJSAtOnload,!1):window.attachEvent?window.attachEvent("onload",downloadJSAtOnload):window.onload=downloadJSAtOnload;

click:3 - Maximum number of clicks After 3 Clicks ads will stop, and will reload after interval
interval:23000 - Reload time in milliseconds
You can change the maximum clicks as you wish, I prefer to keep it as it is. 

How this Script Works?

The anti-bombing script for AdSense ad clicks on blogs works by avoiding repeated ad clicks by one user with the same IP. Blogs that have an anti-click bomb script installed (click fraud) will automatically hide ads if someone has clicked on the ad 3 times on one IP address.

One thing to know, being an AdSense publisher is not easy. A lot of time and struggle to be accepted as an AdSense publisher, not to mention waiting for a letter that never came. 


Protection of AdSense account is not a play. Its too hard , Your enemy / competitor may do some illegal activities to disable your AdSense account. Keep an eye on AdSense account reports regularly to Safeguard account. If you have any doubts please let me know in comment.