7 Tricks to Get Google Adsense Approved – For Beginners

Master Google AdSense approval with responsive templates, vital pages, clean layout, and quality content. Maximize earnings, monetize your blog!

Hello friends! In this article, today, we are going to talk about 7+ Best Google AdSense Approval Tricks. Do you know how difficult it is to get AdSense approval nowadays?

But SpiderBlogging will provide some tips in this article so that your website or blog is approved by Google AdSense quickly. So, please monitor this article to find out more details.

Google AdSense Approval Tricks

As you know, in this article, we will discuss AdSense approval tricks. But before that, let's understand what AdSense is.

AdSense is an advertising platform and it is Google's own product. You can use it for free. However, to use it, you have to follow some AdSense rules.

Now let's talk about why AdSense is important. Let us tell you that AdSense is very important for bloggers and YouTubers because it allows us to easily earn money sitting at home.

What is Google AdSense?

So, above, we talked about AdSense, and now let's understand what Google AdSense is. You mentioned that we can make money with the help of AdSense, but we have to follow some rules.

So, if you have a blog or website and a YouTube channel, then your content can be monetized with AdSense.

For that, you have to get approval for your blog from AdSense. Google ads will then appear on your blog, and you can earn money online with the help of Google.

7+ Tricks to Get Approved by Google AdSense in 2020

So, if you are a blogger or have a website, and you want your blog to be approved with Google AdSense, then I will share some specific AdSense approval requirements (terms) with you.

Please note that the tips I'm about to share are only for blogs and websites. If you are a YouTuber, then this article is not for you. If you are concerned about AdSense approval tricks and someone getting Google AdSense conversion approval, keep reading this article till the end.

 1. Responsive and Mobile-Friendly Template

Your blog can be on Blogger or WordPress; AdSense approval is available on both platforms. When you create a blog, make sure to use a good template for it.

Choose an AdSense-friendly and responsive template, which means it has to be mobile-friendly. There are lots of good templates available on the internet for free.

However, we recommend using AdSense-friendly premium templates for Blogger or WordPress as they can help get AdSense approval quickly.

2. Important Pages for AdSense Approval

 Now, let's talk about pages. If you want AdSense approval, you have to create multiple pages on your blog. Recently, Google AdSense updated its requirements, and the following pages are necessary:

  •     Contact
  •     About Us
  •     Privacy Policy
  •     Disclaimer

Creating these 4 pages on your blog is very important for your blog to be approved according to the new AdSense approval tricks. Moreover, these pages need to be properly rendered and formatted.

3. Clean and Hygienic Blog Optimization

Blog optimization also plays a significant role in AdSense approval. After installing the template on your blog, ensure that it is well-made. Organize the main menu, blog logo, favicon, sidebar, and navigation effectively.

4. Check for Broken Links (Error 404)

  Now, let's talk about broken links. These are links that do not work and show a 404 error when accessed. Before applying for AdSense, check your blog for broken links.

If your blog contains broken links, remove them. Otherwise, you may not get AdSense approval, and you might even face issues with Google AdSense due to the presence of broken links.

5. Domain and Subdomain TLD

As you know, if you start blogging, you need a domain for your blog. To quickly rank, many bloggers use a Top Level Domain (TLD) for their blogs.

Now, let's talk about subdomains. If you create a blog on Blogger, you get a free subdomain, namely .blogspot. Some people find it rather difficult to get AdSense approval using a blogspot subdomain.

6. Google Search Console and Sitemaps

Let's discuss something different now. Once your blog or website is completely ready, you must submit your site to Google Search Console.

Additionally, advertise your blog or website sitemap in Google Search Console. This helps Google index your site quickly, and your site appears in Google's search engine.

Also, with the help of this sitemap, your articles get indexed in Google quickly, which can improve your article's rank.

7. Quality Content and Images

 Content plays a crucial role in AdSense approval. Write at least 15-20 posts on your blog or website, and each article should be at least 500 words long.

Ensure that any article you write is plagiarism-free and original. Do not download and use content from any other site, as it may lead to copyright strikes on your blog. You can create images using Picsart on your phone and Photoshop on your computer.

8. Content Policy for AdSense Approval

You can write content in any language, whether it's Indonesian or English. However, whatever you write must be original and in compliance with AdSense policies. There are some topics that are strictly prohibited, including:

  •     Child sexual abuse content and pedophilia
  •     Intellectual property abuse
  •     Illegal content
  •     Endangered or endangered species
  •     Enabling dishonest behavior
  •     Inaccurate content
  •     Malicious or unwanted software
  •     Harmful or derivative content
  •     Sexually explicit content

So, if you want to write on any of these topics, you will not get AdSense approval.

Those are the 7 Tricks to Get Approved by Google AdSense for Beginners in 2020-2021. I hope this article can help you.